Level 2 Health and Science - Pre T Level foundation programme | South Bank Colleges
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Is this course for you?

This course is likely suitable for you if:

  • You have an interest in a career in healthcare, such as nursing, allied health professions, or healthcare support.
  • You are seeking an entry-level qualification that could prepare you for further education in health sciences.

  • You prefer a practical and vocational approach to learning, with an emphasis on gaining foundational skills in healthcare.

What experience and skills will you gain?

Typically, a Level 2 Transition Programme in Health would focus on foundational knowledge and skills such as:

  • Understanding basic health and safety protocols in healthcare settings.

  • Introduction to human biology and the basic principles of caring for individuals.

  • Communication skills necessary for effective interaction with patients and healthcare professionals.

  • Basic clinical skills, depending on the specific focus of the program (e.g.taking vital signs, basic patient care).

  • Campus
    This course will be delivered at London South Bank Technical College - Nine elms
  • What do you need to apply?

    Application requirements can vary, but generally, you might need completion of GCSEs includings English, Maths, and Science of Grade 3 or above

  • How will you be assessed?

    Assessment methods in such courses typically include:

    • Practical assessments or demonstrations of skills.

    • Written assignments or tests covering the theoretical components of the course.

    • Continuous assessment through coursework and possibly a final exam or project.

  • Where can this course take you?

    Completing a Level 2 course in health can lead to various opportunities:

    * Further study, such as progressing to Level 3 qualifications in health and social care or specialized health training programs.

    • Entry-level positions in healthcare settings, such as healthcare assistant roles.

    • A foundational step towards more advanced training in nursing or allied health professions.