Breaking Boundaries: Celebrating Black Staff into Management and Leadership Graduates!๐ŸŽ“ | South Bank Colleges
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In a joyous celebration of achievement, South Bank College recently marked another successful year of its Black Staff into Management and Leadership Programme by hosting a graduation ceremony. 

This initiative thoughtfully crafted programme by the college, stands as a testament to its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The program is exclusively tailored for Black staff employed with the college, addressing the identified gaps and challenges faced by this community in ascending to leadership roles.

The graduation ceremony, a culmination of hard work and dedication, saw a cohort of accomplished individuals stepping into the next phase of their careers. Achieving a level 5 or level 7 qualification from this specialised program is no small feat, and the college takes immense pride in providing a platform that propels its Black staff toward success.

As the applause resonated through the ceremony hall, it was evident that South Bank College's Black Staff into Management and Leadership Programme had not only fulfilled its intended purpose but had also become a beacon of empowerment for Black staff members aspiring to reach new heights in their careers. The college looks forward to witnessing the continued success and advancement of its graduates, confident that this program has set them on a trajectory toward impactful leadership roles within the institution and beyond. Congratulations to the accomplished graduates โ€“ a testament to the triumph of perseverance and determination! 

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