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Lambeth College in partnership with the Health & Care Jobs Hub in South East London is thrilled to share the inspiring success story of Thayse Gava, a former student who recently achieved a significant milestone in her career. Thayse has been promoted to a Band 5 position within the NHS just a few months after completing a Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP) at Lambeth College. This remarkable accomplishment highlights the effectiveness of the SWAP and the dedication of our students and staff.

The SWAP Programme: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment

The SWAP programme is a tailored initiative designed to equip job seekers with the skills and experience needed to meet the immediate employment needs of various sectors. At Lambeth College, the SWAP collaboration with the NHS has been particularly successful, providing students with comprehensive training and real-world experience.

Programme Structure:

  1. Pre-employment Training: The programme begins with an employability training week, focusing on essential soft and hard skills.
  2. Sector-specific Curriculum: Following this, students undergo specialised training aligned with the NHS's requirements, covering areas such as health and safety, mental health awareness, and person-centred support.
  3. Work Experience Placement: Students gain hands-on experience and insights into the NHS work environment, preparing them for their future roles.
  4. Guaranteed Job Interview: Upon completion, participants are guaranteed an interview with the NHS, significantly enhancing their employment prospects.

Thayse Gava’s Success Story

Thayse's journey is a testament to the transformative power of the SWAP programme. After joining the programme, she excelled in her training and made the most of the opportunities provided. Her hard work, combined with the practical skills and knowledge gained through SWAP, paved the way for her rapid progression within the NHS.

In just a few months, Thayse moved from completing her training to securing a Band 5 position. This role not only reflects her capabilities but also underscores the quality and relevance of the SWAP programme at Lambeth College.

Impact and Community Benefits

The success of Thayse and many others like her showcases the significant social return on investment that SWAP programmes offer. By bridging the gap between education and employment, these initiatives help reduce unemployment, support local economies, and meet critical workforce needs in sectors like healthcare.

Future Prospects

Lambeth College remains committed to supporting students in their career aspirations. The success of the SWAP programme encourages us to continue collaborating with industry partners to provide more students with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed.

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Join the Journey

If you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or other sectors, consider the opportunities available through Lambeth College’s SWAP programme. Your journey to success could start here, just as it did for Thayse Gava.