New shots taken at the LSBTC construction site | South Bank Colleges
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It's great to see the steady progression of the new state-of-the-art skills centre that will train the next generation of engineers and scientists. The modern, industry driven facilities that is in currently in development will provide career-led opportunities for individuals of all ages and all backgrounds, not just from south London but from across London and beyond.
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The carefully considered design has a common language that encompasses the whole site, creating a coherent campus that responds to the character of its surroundings. The green public spaces on campus are designed to work in harmony with the way people relate to their surroundings. The masterplan proposes using natural materials to create an inviting landscape, with wildflowers and street planting bringing nature back to the urban environment โ€“ something that has been proven to improve mental health.
Throughout the campus, places to meet will encourage people to interact, helping their social well-being. And in terms of physical health, an increase in the tree canopy will help reduce the urban heat island effect and improve air quality. The campus is geared towards both pedestrians and cyclists. A pedestrian through-route from Belmore Street to Thorparch Road will re-establish the north-south connection that always existed until the late 1960s, while cycle tracks, generous cycle parking space and green-roof bike stores will encourage people to leave their cars behind.
This colourful, open and accessible landscape is fronted by a large entrance area, designed to create a feeling of welcome and wonder in every student, resident and visitor.
We want the people of south London to feel part of the campus and to benefit from the amenities and beautiful surroundings.
This will be a space for our community. A space to share.