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The SBC Staff Awards 2023, held just before the Christmas holidays, provided a momentous platform to recognise and applaud the remarkable contributions of our colleagues across SBC. The event served as a testament to the impactful work carried out by the staff members, showcasing their unwavering commitment to excellence.

One of the standout categories, the Unsung Hero Award, shone a light on those individuals who consistently exceeded expectations without seeking the limelight. The awards were divided among staff members at Lambeth College, LSBTC, and SBC, honoring the silent heroes who go above and beyond in their roles.

Acknowledging the dedication shown to students, this category celebrated the exemplary commitment of staff members. Distinctions were made for teachers, student-facing support staff, and PSG/Business Support Staff, emphasising the diverse roles contributing to student success.

Recognising the outstanding commitment and contributions made to fellow staff members, this category paid tribute to individuals at Lambeth College, LSBTC, and SBC. It underscored the significance of fostering a supportive and collaborative environment within the SBC community.

A special category spotlighted colleagues who made significant contributions after joining the college in 2023. Separate awards were granted for staff members at Lambeth College, LSBTC, and SBC, acknowledging the fresh talent that has already made a big impression.

The Individual Achievement Award offered a platform to celebrate notable accomplishments, whether within or outside the college. The awards were divided among staff members at Lambeth College, LSBTC, and SBC, showcasing the multifaceted achievements of the talented individuals within the SBC community.

The winners, carefully chosen, were determined by a distinguished staff panel. Comprising Wynell Carter, Brenda Swann, Elia Roque, Nigel Duckers, Gina Mensah, Karlene Morrison-Briscoe, Kishan Narayan, and Clare Dignum, this panel brought together a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure a fair and comprehensive selection process.

The SBC Staff Awards 2023 not only celebrated individual achievements but also underscored the collective dedication that makes SBC a thriving and supportive community. As we bid farewell to 2023, we look forward to continued success and innovation from our outstanding colleagues at Lambeth College, LSBTC, and SBC.